Chinedu Nwoye

Nwoye C.I.D.
Chinedu Innocent Dominic popularly known as CID is an AI scientific researcher at ICube laboratory France, where he began in February 2018 with research focus on developing new deep learning applications in healthcare. His research objectives point towards the future generation intelligent operating room (OR) and imbibes the methodological approaches of computer vision, machine intelligence, deep learning, and the applications thereof to surgical workflow analysis and human-machine cooperation during surgery.

Chinedu is currently a Ph.D. student in Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Medical Robotics at University of Strasbourg France. He is with the Computational Analysis and Modeling of Medical Activities (CAMMA) research group headed by his supervisor Prof. Nicolas Padoy, in a close collaborations with the IHU MixSurg institute, the IRCAD institute and the Strasbourg University Hospitals for medical data and other supports. He also belongs to wider research groups, AVR (Automatics, Vision, and Robotics) and Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DSAI) in the ICube institute.

CID obtained his B.Sc. and first M.Sc. degrees in Computer Science (with First Class Honours) from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN). He also obtained his second M.Sc. degree in Artificial Intelligence (with Distinction) from the University of Southampton, United Kingdom. His Master’s thesis focus on the use of deep learning methods for the early diagnosis of skin cancers, conducted in the supervisions of Dr. Sasan Mahmood and Dr. Jonathan Hare, and closely in consultations with Prof. Mahesan Niranjan and Prof. Adam Prugel-Bennett. In 2017, He was among the pioneer students of the CMMRS pre-doctoral program at Saarbrucken, Germany organized by the Cornel University USA, University of Maryland USA and Max-Planck Institute for Software Systems Germany.

Nwoye CID is also a lecturer at the UNN in the department of computer science, where he began as a graduate teaching assistant in 2014. He also lectures Deep Learning and Computer Vision courses at the University of Strasbourg, France. He is a former Google ambassador in 2010 – 2012 and has founded the Software Developers Club (SDC), CIDSMS and CIDSoft in Nigeria. He is also a co-founding member of Africa of Our Dreams Initiative (AODI) where he doubles as the project coordinator. He belongs to the elites moral-professional body CGAN in Nigeria.

Aside all academic and professional activities, CID enjoys playing chess, checker, GO, and traditional Igbo ncho games. For field sports, he plays squash, badminton, volleyball and always happy going bowling, swimming, hiking and climbing.


1 Place de l’Hôpital 67000 Strasbourg, FRANCE
Phone: +33 (0) 3 904 13 535
Email: nwoye . chinedu @ cidsoft . com